Live Gaming

Gaming is always open to the public, we offer individual purchase options that fit every budget and schedule. Whether you are interested in casual gaming with friends, competitive tournaments, or a variety of tabletop gaming experiences, The Nook has what you need.

Event Hours



Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 6pm – 9pm Board Games

Wednesday – 6pm – 9 pm Dungeons & Dragons

Thursday –  6pm – 9pm Commander Night

Friday – 6pm  – 10pm Magic to Gathering

Saturday – 11am – 9pm Warhammer

Sunday 11am – 2pm – Reserved Events

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Pricing & Membership


Live Gaming
$5 Hourly
  • Anytime


Live Gaming
$10 Nightly
  • 6 pm - 9 pm


Live Gaming
$50 Monthly
  • Unlimited Play
Best Value

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